Debt Recovery

Debt recovery

Law firm Hradec Králové guarantees a complex claims management, as well as judicial and extrajudicial debt recovery in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In addition, we also provide complex legal counselling during businesses’ legal audits (due diligence) to help our clients efficiently prevent the “unrecoverable debts” or claims that are hard to enforce. To achieve this goal, we give the optimization tips for internal processes, acknowledge and guarantee the debts and set the appropriate terms and conditions and internal rules.

Extrajudicial debt recovery

  • Our law firm takes care of the submission of urgent notices or reminders for the invoice payments and final demands for debt payments.
  • We do the preparatory work related to the acknowledgment of debt, agreement on the repayments and instalment plan, debt assignment and offset agreement.
  • Our lawyers represent you in the extrajudicial proceedings or settlements and mediations on the overall settlement of debtor’s liabilities and debt repayment.

Judicial debt recovery

  • We offer the pre‑litigation preparatory work and preparation of electronic payment order, European payment order or promissory note for debt recovery.
  • Our law firm cooperates with executors and files execution and ruling enforcement petitions.
  • Our lawyers represent the creditor or debtor involved in court and executory proceedings and arbitrations.
  • We further guarantee the lodgement of claims and representation in investigations and incidental disputes of the insolvency proceedings (for more see Insolvency law).