Legal Services

Law firm Hradec Králové provides legal services and advice in the following areas of law:

Commercial law

  • Commercial law counselling (preparation of contracts and agreements, representation in lawsuits)
  • Labour law counselling (preparation of contracts and agreements, settlement of disputes, employment of foreign nationals)

Construction law

  • Property transfer and sale without the services of a real estate agent (transfer and sale of apartments and lands)
  • Enforcement of complaints and compensation for damages and construction delays
  • Representation in construction, administrative and court proceedings

Civil law

  • Formation of contracts and agreements (such as sales and purchase agreements, contracts for work, lease and sublease agreements, gift agreements)
  • Legal representation in civil court proceedings
  • Family law
  • Succession law

Insolvency law

  • Legal services for creditors (formation of insolvency petitions, lodgement of claims, representation in investigations, creditors’ meetings and incidental disputes)
  • Legal services for debtors (formation of insolvency petitions, representation in investigations and incidental disputes)

Intellectual property law

  • Copyright law
  • Industrial property law

Debt recovery

  • Legal audit (due diligence)
  • Extrajudicial debt recovery
  • Judicial debt recovery (including execution proceedings)